AI&T Office Renovation

Location   5th Floor, 266 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Service   Interior Design & Construction

Client   AI&T JCS

Program   Office

Area   250 sqm

Status   Completed

250 sqm working space located in quite a old office building at Ba Dinh District of Hanoi with boring working layout which is not suitable with creative IT company. Therefore, the renovation is to “bring back the energy to work” with completely new design but in low budget, key design principles are:

– Preserving as much as possible frame structure of the current office;

– Re-layout staff working areas for more effective and better communication between staffs;

– Adding decorative elements to create more energy feeling environment;

– Reinvent the oddest working corner to become relax/creative zone for staff;

– Making up the current ceramic flooring with new material for better oriented circulation;