Location     My Dinh 1, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Client     Hadico .JSC

Site Area     5000 m2

Program    Residential, Office, Commercial

Status    Concept Design

The proposed tower is cleverly mixed office, commercial and apartment but still keeps the required GFA as well as creates more cascading green space in each floor and respects the privacy of each apartment unit. Going to other direction than the conventional way of designing the tower and podium typology. The design get the apartment tower set in the back away from the noisy main road of Ho Tung Mau. But the office tower was set in front may block the apartment ‘s only view and frontage. So we proposed a lower office block but keep the required GFA by creating cascading office floors slopping toward the apartment tower. And then by integrating the cascading roof with gardens, the lower flats would have the nice garden view instead of looking directly into the office and therefore maintaining the privacy of those flats. The façade was designed with simple gesture but effective in order to get natural light and ventilation but also to limit the direct view to the National Cemetery nearby.