VCCORP Auditorium

Location   Hanoi, Vietnam

Service   Interior Design and Construction

Client   VCCorp JSC

Program   Auditorium and Conference Room

Area   430m2

Status   Completed

The challenge to design this project was to over come the low ceiling height and also to create new attractive common area for the one of the most creative and biggest Online Corporation in Vietnam. Our idea was make the unique ceiling system that integrate light, air-con vents and other technical equipment into something which is the very neat in form but visually spacious. The unique ceiling system was formed by series of crosswise module of gypsum ceilings and stretch ceilings alternately. The ceiling brings the effect of higher and spacious auditorium although the place that hold up to only 200 spectators. The overall feel and look of the auditorium is modern,hi-tech, neat and bold but also active and attractive. So many different details was design and decided carefully to get the perfect join and finishes.